A message from

Jaimie Vernon

of Bullseye Records of Canada...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the announcement about the Klaatu catalogue. It's been thrilling on so many levels -- as a fan, as a musician, and as a business man.

I want to thank all members of the mailing lists (past and present) for their unflagging support and to everyone who has directly aided in the movement toward this deal -- Dave Bradley, Jim Hoeck, Mark Hershberger, John Evers, Andrew Grantham, Darwin Stearns, etc.

I could not have done this without the moral support...

Though I initially approached Terry about a rarities set in September of 1996, the real negotiations didn't begin until July 2000...and were resolved on Thursday, August 16th at the Bullseye offices in Toronto.

In attendance were all three members of Klaatu and former Daffodil Records csar Frank Davies.

For obvious reasons there's many details about the contract that cannot be discussed in this forum, but suffice it to say that all the 'wish lists' that people have posted over the last 5 years have been taken into consideration by everyone concerned and when the archives finally get re-issued next year I believe the waiting will have been worth every minute...there's some absolute priceless treasures in the Klaatu vaults -- things that have been discussed at length here (like the Alternate version of "Hope") and others yet to be revealed.

Needless to say, for the next five years, at least, Klaatu music will be back in the public eye.

Jaimie Vernon, Bullseye Records,
2171 Avenue Rd., Ste. 200, Toronto, ON
M5M 4B4 (416) 482-3290