Klaatu Guitar Legend Dee Long's ONLY solo live performance EVER is now available on CD from Bullseye Records of Canada as a LIMITED EDITION enhanced CD!

On March 4, 2005 Dee Long took the stage for the first time live as a solo artist. His band for the night was affectionately called The Short Notice and featured former Twilight Zone members Maureen Leeson (vocals) and Jaimie Vernon (guitar), former Burgerheads members Frank Watt (drums) and Ken Wannamaker (keyboards), plus executive producer Jim Hoeck (bass).

This limited edition enhanced CD features 11 tracks plus two videos for the performance of "It's Good To Be Back Home" and "Chromosome Syndrome".  Get it now before they're all gone!


1) Meaning Of Life
2) Mad Magazine
3) Outside
4) You Are
5) Chromosome Syndrome
6) Collecting Icons
7) Older
8) Everybody Took A Holiday
9) Blue Jay Way
10) It's Good To Be Back Home
11) Little Neutrino

Dee Long's "Long Live & Prosper" [a play on words from the Vulcan phrase "Live Long and Prosper" - this time it's (Dee) Long Live (& Prosper)]  is out now and can be purchased from the Dee Long website or from the AIM Music Shop on e-bay.