I received this note from John about the Klaatu Track Facts for the fourth Klaatu album, Endangered Species:

"Although I had originally intended to cover the fourth album, after rumaging through the available materials I soon realized that I had virtually no additional sources of information at my disposal other than what had appeared on the original vinyl album's label copy. The master tapes (and respective track sheets, etc.) for the "Endangered Species" album are owned by Capitol Records in L.A. and are currently in their possession.

That is why I have fast-forwarded to the "Magentalane" album for which I do have access to most of the existing tapes and related paperwork.

The only suggestion I can offer concerning the fourth album is I would be happy to provide written responses to specific questions submitted by fans based on my own personal recollections, such as they are. "

I (Dave, the Klaatu webmaster) would like to direct people's attention to the interview I did with John Woloschuk in 1997 which features an entire section on the Endangered Species album. The whole interview is available on this site, and the part specific to Engangered Species can be found here: .

In addition to that interview, Mark Hershberger (the Pop Detective!) interviewed Christopher Bond who produced the Endangered Species album. That 2001 interview is also available on this site at this location: .

Also! There is a "fan interview" of John at which includes a question about All Good Things.

If you have a question, please feel free to submit it here.