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NOTE! The Klaatu website, and Klaatu the band are NOT in any way, shape, or form connected to the youtube account Klaatu42. We are not responsible for the dog video being taken down. We have no connection to this whatsoever, and absolutely nothing to do with it being brought down. That was removed by youtube, apparently because someone complained that the conversation with the dog was abusive by not giving it the food that is being discussed. Hello? The voices are all faked! The dog can't really discuss this!

Please do not contact us about this issue. We have no connection to this, no control over this, and no way to help you regarding this.

Any site telling you that you can download the video for free, or for a fee, is also NOT CONNECTED to this site or to Klaatu the band.

If your message has to do with this subject, it will NOT be replied to.

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