Here is my analysis of the "Crazy Ray" article.
Dave Bradley, January 24, 2004, updated July 5, 2020.

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First off, we don't know what the source of this article is. For that, I apologize.

Second off, if you read the wording of the article REALLY CAREFULLY, you'll see that while it references a specific date's broadcast from WDRC (which is in Waterbury, CT) and then goes on to quote someone named "Crazy Ray" who it states is a spokesman for "a" Waterbury radio station, it never actually claims he is from WDRC. So the assumption that he is from WDRC is my own fault. Sorry folks. I goofed.

Now on to the text of the article itself...

According to "Crazy Ray," a spokesman for a Waterbury radio station, "Everybody knows that Klaatu, formerly Neutrino, is a five-man Canadian progressive rock group.
Then everyone is wrong. First, Klaatu was not previously known as Neutrino. Must be nice to make up facts on the spot. Second, they aren't a five-man band.

Klaatu is not the Beatles but was co-produced by John Lennon.
Uh, nope, sorry, no connection to or involvement from Lennon at all.

The five guys are Goose Grahm - lead vocals and guitar (I heard he's Lennon's cousin, but I'm not sure),
Um, nope, sorry, no one by that name involved here, and no cousins of Lennon's involved here.

Andy Mills - lead guitar
John Spear - bass, vocals
John Tatum - keyboard, vocals
and Edward Satriano - drums

Nice list of MADE UP NAMES! Sounds like someone might have either really been reaching here, or some group of guys by these names thought they could claim to be Klaatu without being challenged. In any event, there's not a shred of accuracy in this list of names.

John Lennon plays guitar and sings background vocals on three songs, but none of the other Beatles are involved in any way whatsoever.
MORE made up facts! John Lennon doesn't play guitar or sing background (or other) vocals on ANY part of this album!

Capitol Records is believed to have offered the Beatles a $150,000,000 contract to do another album. No one knows if this is the case.
If "no one knows if this is the case," then how could it be "believed" ???

The film [The Day The Earth Stood Still] was also a theme of a previous Ringo Starr album, Good Night Vienna (sic).
Um, nope. There was no THEME to the Goodnight Vienna album (and note, that album isn't called Good Night Vienna), let alone a theme closely related to that movie.

At a Paul McCartney concert last summer (now being viewed by Hall students on dial select)
This has been explained to be a specific college dormitory at a school. The dormitory was called "Hall". "Dial Select" was a campus cable service offered to students in the dorms.

his final statement was, "I will see you when the earth stands still."
This has since been proven to have been made up by callers who wanted to hear themselves on the radio and who have since confessed to this prank. "Yep, I'm the guy who made up the McCartney 'See you on the day the Earth stands still' rumor, I was one of the Connecticut callers on WDRC constantly chatting up the DJs on the air about the band when the rumors were just gathering a head of steam with hourly radio reports. I literally made it up as I was talking to the DJ and looking at the Wings Over America poster on my teenage bedroom wall - I was and remain astounded that I picked up Circus a month later and saw it in print, and then it was repeated again years later in a Beatles trivia book. Biggest whopper I ever told, and it went 'viral' 40 years before viral was a thing" - Jay Allen Sanford

There are many peculiarities about the album. For instance, there is a song entitled, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Crafts (sic).
CRAFT! Get it right, it's CRAFT, not CRAFTS! What do they think this is, the local 4H club meets outer space?

This song mentions every planet in the solar system but Venus and Mars, which is the title of a previous best-selling Paul McCartney album.
They must have really been smoking something strong when they wrote this article. The song doesn't mention ANY planet in the solar system EXCEPT EARTH!

Another song on the album, Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby the Third is misspelled on the jacket as Rubblesby. If you were to define Bods, Worth, Rubbles and By, it would mean "persons of importance born of quarry". The Beatles were first known as "The Quarrymen."
Oh PLEASE! That's really stretching it quite a bit far for even the most drugged out mind, let alone the sane among us.....

Subroads of Subways (sic)
Oh yeah, they were SO close with that song title..... NOT!

When an official for DRC did that, it read, "The bugs are back."
Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese! Give me a freaking break! This "official" (and just what the heck is an official at a radio station anyways?) for DRC must have been high on heroin when he tried to decipher that Morse code section. The code itself translates to:
From Alfred, heed thy sharpened ear
A message we do bring
Starship appears upon our sphere
Through London's sky come spring.
And if you want an examination of the audio presentation of the Morse code, check this out!

Two questions remain, is Crazy Ray really crazy - and if Klaatu is not the Beatles, then who is Klaatu?
I can think of a third question that remains.... WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE!?!?

Crazy Ray, if you are out there (or for that matter, if you ever even really existed) please contact us at the link at the top of the Klaatu webpage.