EST. 1980

by L.M. Carpenter
Every 22 years or so Klaatu, the interstellar policeman, appears to the citizens of Earth
to exam their human (and humane) progress as a species. The galactic traveler was first
seen in 1951 in Washington, DC where mankind stood to be judged as threats to themselves
and potentially the universe at large. Klaatu, and his robot servant Gort, left in their
spaceship with nothing more than words of wisdom for the denizens of Earth.

Fast-track 22 years to 1973 where Klaatu was summoned by musicians in Toronto, Canada by way
of music to show how mankind had progressed and grew as purveyors of peace, communication
and love. But, the intergalactic cop was not convinced and left these intrepid musicians in
charge to spread the word through their music alone.

Now another 22 years has passed and Klaatu is expected to reappear for KLAATUKON: World Contact
Day 2005. Those in attendance will be asked to help Dee Long, John Woloschuk and Terry Draper
recite the recognized anthem for World Contact Day.

Please come in peace we beseech you
Only a landing will teach them
Our earth may never survive
So do come we beg you

Will this be the year that the citizens of Earth become citizens of the Universe?

SUN SET: 1973 - 1981 REVEALED
by Ed Norton
In 1996 an off-hand comment by a former
member of the Canadian band Klaatu about
the existance of lost audio archives sent the
Klaatu Audiophile Appreciation Society (KAAS)
reeling. The problem was...the band didn't know
where these archives were. Only that the members
had once been in the possession of such material
but had since lost them to antiquity.

Like AREA 51 conspiracy theologians, the KAAS
super-sleuths poured over clues found in ancient
tomes such as The Flying Saucer Reader and the
Encyclopedia Galactica for the better part of seven
years following leads and dead-ends before finally
stumbling across a vast repository of Klaatu audio
recordings in a Mayan pyramid in South America.
The location of the storehouse is being kept secret as its contents have still not been fully catalogued since being unearthed in September 2004. No photos are being released for fear of giving away the vault's location but artist Ted Jones was commissioned by the band to capture its likeness for the cover of Klaatu's anthology CD package "Sun Set: 1973 - 1981".

The CDs contain the 'best' of the band's alternate recordings, demos, live tracks, and some previously unheard material completes the package.

What many are wondering out loud now is: "what else is in that pyramid?". Band members refuse to elaborate and will only say that the pyramid holds the key to the future of both Klaatu and their fans alike.