Burgerheads Together Again!
The March 4th, 2005 Dee Long performance
at the Bullseye Records 20th Anniversary Party
was also a reunion of sorts for the Burgerheads.

Burgerheads members Dave Darch and Dave Kennedy
played guitar on California Jam, and all the Burgerheads
played on At The End Of The Rainbow.

The late Fred Coutts was represented by his wife Charlie Jacobs.
Unfortunately Charlie left before I could get pictures of her with the guys.

Burgerheads From Left to Right:
Dave Kennedy
Kenny "Wonz" Wannamaker
Frank Watt
Dee Long
Dave Darch

And John Judge on the far right. John
played in The Polychromatic Experiment
and Bloodstone.  In fact, he says the name
Bloodstone came from him finding out that
his birthstone is a bloodstone.

Three Burgerheads were in Dee's band
tonight.  From left to right.
Kenny "Wonz" Wannamaker
Frank Watt
Dee Long (of course!)

What would a Burgerheads page be without
up to date pictures of the significant others that were in attendance?

Kenny Wannamaker
and Jayne Brinklow.

Dee Long
and Sydney Easton