Dave Bradley's Photo Gallery

These images are from the third Klaatunion / Dee Long CD listening party in August of 1999.   Click on any image to see the full size shot.

Reptile (standing), Linda Williams (sitting), Taylor Williams (kneeling), and Robert Helie (cut off at the right of the picture).

Jaimie with Fred Hinnegan and his wife. Dee is sitting in the background. Dee's wife Sydney is standing in the background.

Sydney Long, Robert Helie, Rick LeBlanc, Jim Hoeck.

Dee with Charlie Jacobs.

Jim Hoeck with Robert Helie. Frank Watt (of the Burgerheads) is cut off at the right of the image.


Frank Watt - when he first found out he appeared on several tracks on Dee's new CD, Been Here Before.  Rick LeBlanc is behind Frank.


Dee Long, Charlie Jacobs, Reptile, Sydney Long, Frank Watt.

Sharon Vernon, and no, I'm not going to go there.

Sharon Vernon, Dee Long, Sydney Long, Jim Hoeck.

Dee Long, Sydney Long, Jim Hoeck, Rick LeBlanc, Jaimie Vernon.

Linda Williams, Reptile, Taylor Williams (standing), Sharon vernon, Dee Long.

Dee Long, Dave Bradley, Sydney Long.

Dee Long, Sydney Long, Jim Hoeck, with Rick LeBlanc standing in the background.

The high-tech listening system of the day. This boom box has the test pressings of the two CDs for Dee's BHB4 CD in front of it.

Linda Williams and Reptile.

Reptile, Sharon Vernon, Rick LeBlanc, and Dee Long (cut off at right).

Robert Helie, Fred Hinnegan and his wife..

Dee Long, Jim Hoeck and Jaimie Vernon (sitting) with Sydney Long, Frank Watt and Charlie Jacobs in back (standing).

Reptile playing with Taylor Williams.

Taylor Williams. - Yes folks, she really is as adorable as she looks in this picture and she has the personality to go with the looks.

Jim Hoeck and Frank Watt.

Frank Marzano arrives with the essential party items. Also in the picture are Fred Hinnegan and Robert Helie (back to the camera).

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