John Evers Photo Gallery

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John Evers was one of the lucky ones who were there when it happened. From working on the stage crew at a Klaatu concert, to recording at ESP (Dee's studio), to having a 4-track reel of Dee's demos including tracks that eventually were recorded for the Endangered Species album, John is what one could call an outsider with several really cool brushes with the Klaatu inner circle.

Here's John (left) along with John Clark (who runs Prisma Sound in Toronto now) at ESP studios.
picture of John Evers and John Clark at ESP studios.
"It was taken at ESP near the end of the studio's life. JC (on the right) and I were finishing recording a few tunes at the time. Notice the Fairlight, Dee's instrument of choice under my fingers, with the main unit beside me. what a monster machine!" - John Evers

John worked on the stage crew when Klaatu appeared at the Bayview Secondary School on March 13, 1982. Here are shots he took that night, plus his ticket stub.

Gee, you could almost create your own ticket for this show!

Dee Long on guitar.

Dee Long.

Dee Long on guitar.

The drummer the band took with them on tour.

Dee Long on keyboards.

John Woloschuk on keyboards.

The keyboardist the band took with them on tour.

A really nifty keyboard setup.

Shot from the wings!

Shot from above.

Another shot of the drummer.

John Woloschuk on guitar.


A friend of John's took these three pictures at the show.

Shot of the band from the audience. That's John Evers up in the balcony near the edge of the stage.

Another shot from the audience with Terry Draper up front, and John Woloschuk in the back.

Third shot from the audience, Dee on guitar, not sure if the person on keyboards is Terry or one of the extra musicians from Max Webster that performed with the band.


John also got to see the band perform at the Danforth Music Hall. Here are scans of two tickets he had to those shows.

Stub from November 23rd show.

Stub from Novermber 24th show.