Mark Hershberger's Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken at the Klaatunion, July 12, 1998.   The first 11 images have comments from Mark himself.  Click on any image to see the full size shot.
This photo was taken Sunday afternoon at Terry's Bar-B-Que!  Everyone was hanging out on Terry's deck just shooting the bull.  That's Terry front and center!  Left to right that is Bill Smith, Andrew Grantham, Bob Reid, Robert Helie, and Frank Marzano. 
Here is a picture of the cutest Klaatusian in attendance...umm....sorry, not you Sharon!   It's Reilly Spencer Vernon!!  Yep...that's Jaimie's significant other Sharon holding their son!
And here is the master of all things Klaatu himself.....Dave Bradley!    (Notice a Klaatu "Peaks" CD is not too far from his reach!)
Here is another shot out on Terry's deck!  Left to right that's Alyssa Milano....uh no, wait, that was Liz Racz, Bill Smith, Andrew Grantham, Bob Reid, and, of course, TD!
Another big group shot out on the deck.  Let's try to sort them out.....left to right starting with Terry Draper (seated), Dave Bradley, Andrew Grantham, Dr. John Baird, Bob Reid, Bill Smith, Liz Racz, Robert Helie, Jaimie Vernon, and Anna Pelc Draper.
Just another big outdoor shot.....slightly different angle!   That's Sharon Vernon to the left holding a giant Canadian Green Python.  She did a snake dance later that evening!
Just to prove that Frank Marzano actually played guitar with Terry's the photo.  (Notice Frank looking over at Bill Smith to see if he's got the chord's right!)
Another Frank and Terry jam photo!
Here is the view from Terry's deck overlooking the lake!  Great place!
Another contemplative moment involving Frank Marzano, Bill Smith, Robert Helie, and TD!
Most of the time we just sat around silently staring into space!  That's Anna, Terry, Dave Bradley, Dr. John Baird, Jaimie and Sharon Vernon.
Dave Bradley at Glenn Belcher's recording studio.
Bill Smith
Frank Marzano, Terry Draper, Dave Bradley
Bill Smith throwing darts, background left is Frank Marzano, TD, Dave Bradley. Directly behind Bill is Liz Racz. People to the right are unknown bar patrons. 
Andrew Grantham, Frank Marzano, TD
Robert Helie throwing darts, Andrew Grantham to left
THE monument! This is the monument that is featured in the picture from the back cover of Klaasic Klaatu and which also appeared in a picture of the band in one of their Morning Sun issues.
The monument with the KAAS contingency - back row, left to right, Robert Helie, Andrew Grantham, Liz Racz, Frank Marzano, Bill Smith, Dave Bradley. Front Row, Mark Hershberger.
The Danforth Music Hall
Jaimie and Riley Spencer Vernon at Glenn Belcher's recording studio.