Paul Jackson's Photo Gallery

These images are from the 4th Klaatunion held on August 18th, 2001.  Click on any image to see the full size shot.

From left to right: Gord Giblin, Bob Segarini's wife Bea, Greg Godovitz, Jim Hoeck, Dee Long, Frank Marzano (and Charlie Jacobs' arm).
From left to right: Bea, Fred Hinnegan, Bob Segarini, Jaimie Vernon, Gord Giblin.

Greg Godovitz reading the news today (Oh Boy).

Rick LeBlanc mugging for someone else's camera behind Mark Hershberger.

From left to right: Dee Long, Dave Bradley (getting Dee's autograph for Graham), Frank Marzano, (Rick LeBlanc's shoulder in the background)

From left to right: Dee Long, Dave Bradley, Rick LeBlanc, Frank Marzano.

From left to right: George Dobson, Gord Giblin, Jim Hoeck, Dee Long, Frank Marzano, Charlie Jacobs behind Mark Hershberger, Rick LeBlanc standing in back.

From left to right: Greg Godovitz, Dave Goldenberg, Bruce DuBoff, Simon Wilson - from Australia - (he runs the Goddo web site), and Jaimie Vernon. 

From left to right: Rick LeBlanc, Robert Helie, Fred Hinegan, Greg Godovitz.