Rick LeBlanc's Photo Gallery

These images are from the 4th Klaatunion in August of 2001.  Click on any image to see the full size shot.

Dee Long (Klaatu, Burgerheads) talks with Frank Watt (Burgerheads)


From left to right, Robert Helie, Paul Jackson, Simon Wilson - from Australia - (he runs the Goddo web site), Bruce DuBoff, Fred Hinnegan, Bob Segarini's wife Bea, Bob Segarini


Bob Segarini (far left), Jaimie Vernon (back to camera), George Dobson, Dee Long (back to camera), Gord Giblin (hidden behind Dee), Greg Goddovitz (sitting), Jim Hoeck, Charlie Jacobs and Frank Marzano (both sitting)


Jaimie Vernon and George Dobson


Fred Hinnegan, Greg Goddovitz, Simon Wilson


Gord Giblin, Jim Hoeck, Paul Jackson, Dee Long, Frank Marzano, Charlie Jacobs


Jaimie Vernon (cut off at left of picture), George Dobson, Gord Giblin, Jim Hoeck, Paul Jackson, Dee Long (sitting, wearing hat), Frank Marzano (sitting, looking at photo album that Dee is looking at), Mark Hershberger (sitting, foreground), Charlie Jacobs, Dave Goldenberg


Frank Marzano singing in Terry Draper's studio, "Swamp Manor"


In Terry Draper's studio, "Swamp Manor", Dave Goldenberg (back to camera) checks things out


While Dave Goldenberg checks out the Klaatu gold record award on the wall, Dave Bradley and Terry Draper check out Klaatu master tapes


Beatles sing-a-long in Terry's den - Dave Goldenberg turns pages for Terry Draper while Frank Marzano plays guitar


Beatles sing-a-long in Terry's Den - Mark Hershberger, Terry Draper at the piano, Dave Goldenberg turning pages for Terry.


Beatles sing-a-long in Terry's Den - Terry Draper at the piano, Dave Goldenber turning pages for Terry, Frank Marzano playing guitar in the background.


Gathered around Terry's kitchen table, Dave Bradley standing on the left, Dr. John Baird sitting at the table, a friend of Terry's leaning on chair at right, Terry Draper and Frank Marzano standing in the background.