Dee Long and Sydney Easton Photo Gallery

These pictures are from Dee Long. They are being made available for personal use only. These were taken by both Klaatu member Dee Long and his wife Sydney Easton at the 3rd Annual Klaatunion in August of 1999 at Jaimie Vernon's house.

Fred Hinegan's Wife, Fred Hinegan, Jaimie Vernon, Taylor Williams, Reptile, Linda Williams (cut off)

Robert Helie, Dave Bradley, Fred's Wife, Fred Hinegan

Dave Bradley, Dee Long, Charlie Jacobs

No, this isn't an unused photo from George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album cover photo session. That's Rick LeBlanc, Frank Watt, and Jim Hoeck

Riley Vernon!

Jaimie and Riley Vernon

Jaimie, Sharon and Riley Vernon