In 1998, the Klaatu Mailing List decided to do a tribute to Klaatu.  Jaimie Vernon and Mark Hershberger organized the submission of recordings and the creation of the "KAASette" from those recordings.  The "KAASette" was a big hit on the mailing list and an expanded edition was planned for CD.  The "KAAS CD" included all of the original recordings from the "KAASette" as well as some newly submitted recordings.

The "KAASette" and the "KAAS CD" were limited edition items.  Advance orders were taken and the quantity manufactured was directly related to the advance orders.  Both items are no longer available.

After recent discussion on the Klaatu Mailing List, JaiMark Productions has approved offering MP3 recordings of the tracks from the "KAAS CD" on the Klaatu web page.

Keep in mind that these recordings were, for the most part, not professional recordings. Some were done on home cassette recorders.  Some were done on cassette based porta-studios.  Some were done on reel-to-reel home project studios.  Some were done on more advanced home project studios.  And at least one was done at a 24-track professional studio.  Because of this, the quality will vary greatly from track to track.   I'm only posting these in MP3 format, not WAVE format since they would be too large for WAVE files to be usefull.

So without further ado:  Here Is The Entire KAAS CD.  Click on the song title to download the MP3 for that song.
We're Off You Know - Gavin & Dean 4.7 Meg
So Said The Lighthouse Keeper - Gavin & Dean 6.2 Meg
Doctor Marvello - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) 3.2 Meg
Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III - Jef Leeson  (Jaimie Vernon's brother in law) 4.2 Meg
Everybody Took A Holiday - Dmitri Alano 3.7 Meg
A Routine Day - Mike Vancha 3.4 Meg
Older - Just Say Yes (featuring Steve Smith) 3.6 Meg
Dear Christine - Keld Telen 4.5 Meg
Cherie - Michael Grin 3.4 Meg
Mister Manson - Sulpher 2.5 Meg
Hot Box City - Alex Johnson 3.3 Meg
Knee Deep In Love - Reptile 3.4 Meg
I Can't Help It - Dave Bradley - SAMPLE NOT AVAILABLE 3.6 Meg
Blue Smoke - Frank Marzano 4.8 Meg
I Don't Wanna Go Home - Dmitri Alano 3.9 Meg
Calling Occupants - Dave Bradley & Nataraj Sundaram - SAMPLE NOT AVAILABLE 5.5 Meg
Doctor Marvello (Espanol) - Los Khaoticos (the original "first" mix) 6.0 Meg
Little Neutrino - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) 3.7 Meg
Sub-Rosa Subway - The Beachles (featuring Jaimie Vernon) (the original "first" mix) 4.8 Meg
Grey Afternoon - Glen Banks (inspired by Klaatu) 4.3 Meg

Text 2000 by David Bradley