Klaatu's 5 original albums and a couple of rarities packages and a compilation have all come out on CD, some multiple times on various labels around the world. As of the time of this writing, June 30, 2020, no Klaatu CDs are in print anywhere in the world that the band are aware of.

The very first Klaatu CD anywhere in the world was the 1988 German CD single of their reunion recording for the German TV show "Tatort". The song was called "Woman" and there are a short version, long version, and sm instrumental version on the CD. It was a limited release and never re-released and is very difficult (and pricy) to locate a copy of this.

The out of print releases in Canada of the first two Klaatu albums on JEM Records were full of loud hiss and sounded very weak.

The out of print releases in Canada of the first two Klaatu albums on Attic Records had better sound than the JEM releases, but had almost no high end. Hope had also been edited to remove the mouse squeak and a small moment between Hope and the reprise of We're Off You Know.

The out of print releases in the U.S. of the first two Klaatu albums by Capitol Records (first Klaatu by itself, then Klaatu / Hope as a 2-for-1) had almost no high end.

The out of print release in Canada of Sir Army Suit and Endangered Species on Attic Records had almost no high end, early fades on many of the songs, the wrong mix of Tokeymor Field and phase issues on the tracks from Endangered Species.

The out of print release in Canada of Peaks on Attic Records had decent sound, but was taken from the masters of their other CD releases and suffered the same shortcomings as those CDs.

The out of print releases in the U.S. (Permanent Press), Canada (EMI) and Korea (Si-Wan) of the Magentalane album all sounded beautiful. The Canadian pressing even included the lyrics. However, the Bullseye Remaster from 2007 still has improved sound.

There are also a couple of CDs available without the band's authorization. These are releases that are authorized by Capitol Records US and based on tapes obtained from Capitol Records. The problem is that Capitol Records doesn't have the "ORIGINAL" masters for the albums (except possibly the Hope album, which never made it back to the band in 1977).

BGO Records in the UK had a 2-for-1 of the first two albums using the masters obtained from Capitol Records US. It's not a very good reissue with horribly muddy sound and they've managed to royally screw up the placement of the track beginnings for the second half of hope, placing one of them in the middle of a song and completely eliminating another one. It's as if they had never heard the Hope album before.

BGO Records in the UK also had a 2-for-1 of the third and fourth albums. Sir Army Suit / Endangered Species is a much better sounding release than their Klaatu / Hope release was. It's truly a nice sounding disc, but not as good as the Bullseye Releases.

Both of the above BGO compilations are marred by some of the absolute worst liner notes ever attached to Klaatu recordings. Many things are completely factually wrong. The first two albums have packaging with horribly jagged edges to the graphics too. Their liner notes writer chose to focus on the Beatles rumors instead of on anything truly about the band and instead of setting the facts straight about the rumor, furthers the rumor by repeating some of the incorrect information as fact. Packaging is not high on the quality end for either of these two CDs, and while the sound on the second one is good, but not great, the sound on the first one with 3:47 EST and Hope is horrible. BGO's liner notes writer had reached out to me for help with information. I told him he could use whatever he saw on the website that had my name as the writer. He chose to focus only on the horrible Beatles rumor rather than anything about the band itself.

Collector's Choice Music in the US had a 2-for-1 of the first two albums. It's atrocious sounding. Absolutely horrid.

Bullseye Records released the first album, 3:47 EST (also known simply as "Klaatu"), in December of 2001 with completely remastered sound (done with the input of the band themselves) as well as restored artwork. This is the best sounding release of this album, INCLUDING the original vinyl release. Absolutely stunning quality! There were two different versions of this release. The first included a mastering error that caused California Jam to be collapsed into mono. The second had that error fixed. You can tell the two apart by looking at the back cover of the CD. If it has the word "stereo" in the lower right corner, it's the 2nd version. If it doesn't, it's the first version with the mastering error. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

Bullseye had also released the second album, Hope, in September of 2002 with completely remastered sound (again done with the input of the band themselves) as well as restored artwork. This is an absolutely fantastic sounding release of this album and once again outshines all previous releases of this recording. Once again, Bullseye has put out a stunning product! Like all the others, this is now out of print.

In April of 2003, Bullseye released a remastered version of the "Peaks" collection. If you have wanted to sample some of the tracks from the band's later albums before buying them, this is the disc for you. This disc contains tracks from all 5 of Klaatu's studio albums and was originally released by Attic Records in January of 1993. Bullseye's reissue came in the middle of their Klaatu album remastering campaign and was a great listen! Like all the others, this is now out of print.

In August of 2003, Bullseye released both "Sir Army Suit" and "Endangered Species" as standalone remastered CDs with restored artwork and phenomenal sound. Sir Army Suit has had the original LP version of Tokeymor Field restored, and the early fades that Attic had on most of the songs have been removed to restore the songs to their original glory. Endangered Species has had its warmth restored and enhanced. This now sounds like the LP did originally, but with even more warmth. These albums had substantially more hiss (especially Sir Army Suit) than the earlier albums, and that has been brought under control by the masterful hand of an expert at remastering. Overall outstanding remastered CDs with incredible sound as we've come to expect from this series of Klaatu remasters from Bullseye Records of Canada!  Like all the others, this is now out of print.

In March of 2005, Klaatu and Bullseye proudly debuted something that has taken almost a decade of work to compile and release. "SunSet" is a 2 disc set of rare versions, alternate mixes, unreleased tracks and live recordings from the band. There's even an alternate mix of the entire Hope album that was almost released before the band went back into the studio and redid a lot of the orchestral parts with synthesizers for its final release version. This set is amazing! The original release was at the Klaatu Konvention in Toronto in 2005 where the band reunited for a live show. It contained the 2 CDs in a single jewel case with an extensive book of liner notes.For those who got this with their Konvention ticket, this issue also had a slip cover, with a second booklet inside that which included some additional information. Bullseye made this set available in limited quantity after the Konvention, but without the slipcover and second book. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

While not a "CD" release, in March of 2005 Klaatu and Bullseye also released a vinyl LP called "Raarities" which included some things left off of SunSet due to space limitations. The intent was to cater to the niche vinyl market while also providing something that wasn't simply a "re-purchase" of already available on CD recordings.

In March of 2007, the band and Bullseye Records completed their remastering campaign with the stunningly remastered CD of Magentalane. This disc has usually sounded excellent on CD in all of its previous 3 incarnations, but the Bullseye release peels back a layer of haze and gives tremendous clarity to this recording that the other CDs just weren't able to do. Truly amazing considering how wonderful the previous CD releases sounded. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

In 2009, Bullseye released a CD called Solology. This included the complete Raarities album from 2007 and the complete reunion concert from the 2005 Konvention (6 songs). It also includes a second unreleased version of the "epilogue" from the Hope album along with an alternate version of Hope, neither of which are listed on the packaging. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

After the Bullseye CD releases went out of print and the catalog reverted back to the band themselves, they released the first album on CD on Klaatunes Records. The remastering was excellent, but I personally still prefer the Bullseye release. They next released Solology on CD on Klaatunes Records, then they remastered Hope again and released that CD on Klaatunes Records. Finally, they released a 2-disc set of the remastered Sir Army Suit album on Klaatunes Records with disc one being the album on a CD, and disc 2 being a DVD with some animated clips from the unreleased program "Happy New Year, Planet Earth" as well as some interview footage of the band. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

Klaatunes Records stopped production and the first album was released on CD again, this time by Conveyor Records in Canada. Like all the others, this is now out of print.

Please note, there are also some CD releases of Klaatu albums on a label that bills itself as "American Rock Classics". These are all on CD-R and are unauthorized (counterfeit) releases of dubious quality.

There had been rumors of some of the albums coming out on a label called "Rega" in Europe in the 90s and early 2000s, but I have never seen an actual copy of those and do not believe they are separate released, but simply a distributor bringing in the Canadian pressings.

Bullseye also released several solo albums by Terry Draper and also released several solo albums by Dee Long. Permanent Press Records also released the first Terry Draper solo CD, Light Years Later with a slightly different track listing than the Bullseye CD. Any available recordings by Terry Draper and Dee Long are now available only through their own websites, their Facebook pages, or Bandcamp.

-updated June 30, 2020 - Dave Bradley