May 6, 7, 8, 2005 - Klaatu Kon 2005 took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel. Klaatu reunited and performed a live set for the attendees as well as giving a question and answer session. PLUS! The Sun Set Boxed set has been released!

Klaatu Live!

May 7th, 2005

at Klaatu Kon 2005!

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Sun Set!

Klaatu Rarities Boxed Set!

Released May 7th, 2005

at Klaatu Kon 2005!

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At Klaatu Kon 2005, fans were treated
to a bus tour of Toronto which highlighted
places of significance in the history of Klaatu.

Fans also enjoyed a mixer on Friday night
to get to know other fans, some of whom
they've known for years on the Klaatu Mailing List
 but had never met in person before.

On Saturday there was a viewing of video
footage including the unreleased
"Happy New Year, Planet Earth"
 half hour animated special, two performances
on the Keith Hampshire TV show in 1974,
a live performance of Older from the
early 80's tour, and a newly created animated video
 for Calling Occupants.

After this there was a photo session with
the members of Klaatu, a Q&A session
with Frank Davies and Steve Smith,
a Q&A session with John Woloschuk,
Dee Long, Terry Draper and Ted Jones,
an autograph session, and all this led
 up to the main event of the Kon.... 
Saturday evening Klaatu performed
 a live set for the fans! 

Set list:
  1. At The End Of The Rainbow
  2. I Don't Wanna Go Home
  3. Cherie
  4. Magentalane (audience sing-a-long sheet given out)
  5. Little Neutrino
  6. Encore: All Good Things

On Sunday morning there was an auction
 of Klaatu memorabilia to benefit
Canadian Feed The Children.