Dear Klaatu Audiophile Appreciation Society,

John Woloschuk and Terry Draper met with Bullseye Records' Jaimie Vernon this week to figure out what can be done to get the World Kontact Day and Solology DVD projects finished.

It has been a long road trying to get our schedules synchronized and our ducks in a row so that the overall presentations of both these releases will be the best we can possibly make them.

The band has agreed that, like all things Klaatu, we need to give it 110%. The footage we've been handed was well shot and is an exhaustive collection of every minute caught on film during the weekend of the Klaatu Konvention in 2005. Needless to say, it has been a heavy load to sift through.

First off we feel strongly that releasing ALL the footage from the event would be a detriment to our first foray into the visual medium. We loved the Konvention and meeting the fans and though it was nerve racking it was a beautiful farewell to a long, illustrious run. But everything that transpired that day will not hold up to repeat viewing. And as such, we'd prefer that the DVD be more of a career overview -- rather than the microscopic vision of one day in the life of a band long past our prime! :-)

The editorial decision to reach beyond the original advertised content of the DVD by Bullseye was a conscious one by Klaatu that follows our long-held belief that the music -- and the protection of our legacy -- comes first. The CD and DVD, like all music mediums, could last forever in the public domain so what goes on these discs must be top notch and driven by musical vision...rather than serendipity.

To that end we are carefully reconstructing the concept of the DVD to hopefully include the following:

- The full-length reunion show from the May 2005 Konvention
- The new "Calling Occupants" animated video
- The 2005 edited "Older" video (* we're still not sold on this one)
- The original animated "A Routine Day"
- The Keith Hampshire Music Machine appearance of "California Jam" and "True Life Hero" from 1974
- A visual history of Klaatu utilizing archival materials and interview footage adapted from the Q & A sessions at the Konvention
- A bonus section featuring highlights of the Meet n Greet, Photo shoot and autograph session during the Konvention
- A photo gallery of past visuals and convention highlights

For the "Solology" CD we are considering another remix of the audio (also to be adapted for the DVD concert portion) and discussions are progressing in getting our original graphic designer Ted Jones to put some artwork together as he had done for the 2005 "Sun Set" anthology box.

The question, then, that everyone has been so patiently waiting for is WHEN will these be available? This is the unknown variable. KLAATU has never done anything before its time. We are speeding along as fast as we can, but there are many rights clearance issues and editing work that need addressing behind the scenes. And it is unpredictable as to how long these could take. Needless to say, we're as anxious to get this completed as you are to have it.

We can only ask that patience be upheld. But should any of the fans feel that the continued delay is unreasonable, a refund will be offered on all purchases by contacting Bullseye Records president Jaimie Vernon directly at:

There will be no hard feelings and we hope you will come back and purchase these Klaatu releases when they finally DO become available for all to see and hear.

More progress reports will follow so stay KLAATUned.

John, Dee and Terry