Below is the text of a letter sent out by Capitol Records on April 4, 1977 regarding the identity of Klaatu. After the transcribed text is a scan of the actual letter (Thanks Paul Jackson!).

April 4, 1977

Dear Journalist:

Our computer mailing and information system is finally in operation. If you are new to our mailing list we are looking forward to working with you. New to our lists or not, you should find our new system to be a vast improvement over our old one and other conventional mailing methods.

In January, I wrote a letter regarding an album released (August, 1976) by the group Klaatu. In that letter I stated, "The album has eight songs written and produced by the group. We don't even know who is in this "mystery" group or where they are from. Klaatu wants their music to speak for itself...and it does."

Since that letter was written and sent together with quotes from some of your articles, journalistic, radio and public response has been tremendous. Conjecture regarding Klaatu and The Beatles is racing across not only this country, but the world.

I feel it is important to state that this is not a hoax. We still do not know Klaatu's true identity. What is even more important is that you and your readers have proven that Klaatu's music does speak for itself. We wouldn't have purchased the completed master tapes, you wouldn't have taken such notice of the group and the airplay and record sales would not have soared if the music was not worthy of our attentions (not to mention the comparisons with or claims that Klaatu is The Beatles).

What does count is that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are enjoying the stories and the music of Klaatu. I thank you for your interest and efforts regarding Klaatu.

My life would be a lot less hectic if someone would tell me who Klaatu is. Until then, I'll just enjoy the music and the mystery.


Bruce E. Garfield
Director, Press & Artist Relations

scan of actual 1977 letter from Capitol Records