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News from /
about Klaatu

News from /
about John Woloschuk

News from /
about Dee Long

18:Press release about the remaster of 3:47 EST now released.

17:Survey about possible vinyl version of upcoming remaster of 3:47 EST.

16:Press Release about Klaatu and the newly formed Klaatunes Records from March 15, 2011.

15: An update from Klaatu and Bullseye
on the progress and delays
for the World Kontact Day DVD and
the Solology CD.

14: Vote for Klaatu as the
best Canadian band
at The DOCK FM

external link

13: Klaatu MP3s available here
external link

12: A Request from the members
of Klaatu to write on their
behalf to get their music used
in the upcoming remake of the
movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

11: An update from Klaatu themselves
on the progress and delays
for the World Kontact Day DVD and
the Solology CD.

10: News about the upcoming
release of SOLOLOGY CD
on Bullseye Records!

9: Message from Klaatu about
the passing of Doug Riley

8: News about the upcoming
release of Magentalane
on CD by Bullseye Records!

7: Ear Candy Magazine review
of Klaatu Kon 2005, written
by Mark Hershberger.

6: Info about SunSet, the
Klaatu boxed set of rarities.

5: Info about Klaatu Kon 2005's
events including a set list from
the live performance.

4: News about (then) upcoming
Klaatu Kon 2005 with it's first
live performance Klaatu reunion
in 23 years.

3: Announcement from 2004
about the upcoming Klaatu
rarities boxed set and LP
(also slightly inaccurate).

2: Announcement from 2004
about an upcoming Klaatu
reunion which proved to be
slightly inaccurate.

1: OLD NEWS about Klaatu.
1: News from John about the
Klaatu Track Facts series he
has been writing for the Klaatu
web page, and why there are
no entries for the tracks from
Endangered Species. Includes
a link to send questions to John.

8: Dee Long MP3s available here
external link

7: Info about version 4 of
the Dee Sampler.

6: The Dee Tour.

5: Dee's "Welcome To The
Future" has been released.

4: Info about Dee's "Welcome
To The Future" pre-release
Lightscribe CD-R.

3: Info about Dee's "Long, Live
and Prosper" CD release.

2: Info about pre-release orders
for CD of Dee's live show.

1: Info about Dee's live show -
March 4, 2005 (his first ever
solo live show).